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wilkiecollins's Journal

The Wilkie Collins Circle
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Welcome to the Wilkie Collins Circle where fans of Wilkie Collins can come together for a nice hot cup of tea and scones to talk of all things related to the master storyteller and his wonderful works.

Wilkie Collins lived during the Victorian Times and was one of the spearheads of sensationalist fiction: tying together mystery, suspense, domestic crime, questions of identity, as well as navigating and pushing the boundaries of domestic relations and the conventions of laws.

Trademarks of Wilkie includes:
1. Tight, masterful plotting
2. Distinctly voiced characters who never fail to fascinate.
3. Multiple narrative voices using all sorts of techniques from epistolary to journal writing that paint and reveal a full picture of the story.
4. Strong-willed, decidedly modern-feeling female characters.

Collins is most famous for his works, The Woman in White, and The Moonstone. The Woman in White has been made into a musical by Alexander Lloyd Webber and is now playing in the theatres of London. However he is usually underated and too often in the shadow of his more known friend, Charles Dickens. But with the musical production, there may be an indication that his popularity is on the uprise. My wish is that interest in Wilkie Collins will continue to grow and people will come to discover and enjoy his works. I hope this community helps to build toward an appreciation of Wilkie Collins.