Victoria Morris (vcmorris) wrote in wilkiecollins,
Victoria Morris

Greetings All

My interest in Wilkie Collins came about for a couple of reasons. My boss kept suggesting I see the movie, The Woman In White, and being a die-hard horror/thriller/mystery lover, I wanted very much to oblige her. Being unable to find the movie in my local video rental and decided to just read the book instead.

Needless to say, I was thrilled by what I found. I moved on to The Dead Secret, No Name, The Haunted Hotel and The Moonstone, all of which I was equally delighted with! I hope to complete my collection very soon.

My other reason for getting interested in Collins was the simple fact it is Victorian era literature and lends itself well to some of the research I was doing at the time. As a reenactor of the American Civil War, I am always curious as to what the "average person" was thinking, reading, doing and living at the time. And I have always been fascinated with the entire Victorian Era since my old high school days. Collins has kinda wrapped my love of all things Victoria and my need to be frightened into a series of fascinating bundles of literature. And, of course, so does the American writer, Edgar Allen Poe - though I've read more Collins than I have Poe!

I look forward to being part of this community and hope to make some interesting friends as a member.
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