Mike Bevel (britadventuress) wrote in wilkiecollins,
Mike Bevel

In which the author requests the pleasure of your company

Hey, 'member that resolution you made, after "lose weight" and "learn Esperanto"? The one about attending more lectures about Victorian literature? Yeah, that one.

Have I got a talk for you.

I'll be giving a free-and-open-to-the-public lecture on the nineteenth century novel at the Bethesda Library (7400 Arlington Road, Bethesda MD) at 7:00 p.m. on January 7. You should totally come because (a) who doesn't want to hear about "Jane Eyre" or Mudie's library? And (b) there'll be cookies, I think. At least, I hope. Because actually, the more I write about this, the less I feel that I'm going to be the main draw and I need these cookies as my safety.

Anyway -- for more info, email me: mbevel2002 at yahoo dot com.

(Copies of the text of the lecture will be available on my blog or by request after 1/7.)
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