ihavegivenup (ihavegivenup) wrote in wilkiecollins,

Drood by Dan Simmons


Is this book worth reading? It caught my eye because it's narrated by Wilkie Collins, but I'm not sure I want to read 800 pages narrated by a version of Collins created by an author who thinks: "Right now, to be honest, Wilkie Collins is what he deserved to be back then: a footnote, an almost lost memory" (from http://www.avclub.com/articles/dan-simmons,24253/). It sounds like Simmons has revived the memory of Collins primarily as a spiteful, sodden druggie, jealous of Dickens's superior talent and out of touch with reality. I guess the problem is that I'm out of touch with reality, too, because I vastly prefer Collins to Dickens. So maybe this book is good, and maybe the depiction of Collins is accurate, but does it translate into something worth reading for those of us who live in skewered realities?
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